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PURPOSE AND TALENT INC. is a 501 (c) (3) that was created to value substance in Art & Music. P&T is designed to preserve the substances of Art & Music as a central location for conscience stimulation.

We forward individuals in the community the opportunity to perform, using talent as a stepping stone towards a constructive way of life. We address at-risk communities, drawing youth away from drugs, violence, and gang activities; nurturing innovative abilities as a means toward conscience living.

Purpose  &  Talent Inc.


The Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce recognizes Purpose and Talent Inc. for its involvement in the community. P & T involvement included working with the youth in several miami-dade county cities. The Purpose and Talent Organization was privileged to be apart of schools, reaching out to kids and teenagers encouraging productive use of talent.

Purpose and Talent’s mission starts with our young kids. The slogan of redefining the power of creativity is expressed to the hearts and minds of our kids in elementary schools during career day. P & T was delighted to be apart of such an occasion, which gave the opportunity to tap into the lives of our kids. Purpose and Talent Incorporated “Redefining the Power of Creativity” !

P & T Association Managers

Believing in the Power of Art

Andrae Barnes

Andrae Barnes


Andrae Barnes stands at the forefront of the Purpose & Talent Incorporated. He spent several years developing skills that would evangelize substance to the Life of Art. A calculated decision-maker with a deep understanding of music’s philosophy, Andrae has created opportunities that challenge the creative mind; patenting a model that globally embraces the power of talent.

Cindy Jennings

Cindy Jennings


Cindy Jennings, a self driven member of the P&T Board of Directors, has been a part of the Purpose and Talent cause since before the organization was incorporated. She carries a proven ability in coordinating transactions surrounding the business atmosphere. Cindy contains over 10 years of management experience, where she possesses the ability of managing monies and working with customers.

Maddie Perez

Maddie Perez


Maddie Perez is a Board Member of the Purpose and Talent Inc. where she provides assistance in the areas of expanding organizational operations. She is a skilled professional in the business field, specialized in the networking environment. With over 10 years of experience, serving as a board member, with the Miami Dade School Board.

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